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Mark Belknap, the owner of Forestry and Wildlife, holds dual B.S. degrees in Wildlife Management and Forest Resource Management from West Virginia University. He is a certified professional with credentials that include ISA Certified Arborist with Tree Risk Assessment qualification and Licensed Professional Forester. Mark also has extensive experience as a wildlife biologist.

Specializing in a science-driven, holistic approach to land and natural resource management, Mark focuses on the long-term well-being and productivity of your land. Whether you're a new landowner seeking guidance or you own a larger property with complex natural resource needs, his practical advice ensures you receive tailored solutions.

Raised along the Choptank River in Denton, Maryland, Mark inherited his love for the outdoors from his father. This foundational experience shaped not only his professional pursuits but also his personal interests. Beyond his resource management work, Mark is an accomplished craftsman and educator. He is known for his hand carved and painted waterfowl gunning rigs, designed from his own drawings in the marsh and on the water. His hand-forged tools, such as his oyster knives based on a design from the 1800s, reflect the lifestyle of the Chesapeake Bay area. Additionally, he crafts Eastern woodland style self-bows for hunting from regional woods like osage and teaches aspiring bowyers the art of making bows, arrows, and quivers using traditional, hand-foraged materials.

In addition to his other endeavors, Mark is committed to sustainable practices both professionally and personally. On his own farm, he actively engages in beekeeping to support local pollination and honey production. This ecological focus extends to wildlife habitat creation and enhancement. Mark's hands-on efforts have resulted in a notable increase in both population numbers and species diversity on his land, including the flourishing of wild turkey, mature deer, and woodcock.

Throughout his career, Mark has seamlessly blended his passions and expertise, driven by a deep respect for nature and a commitment to viewing our ecosystem as interconnected. He brings this holistic perspective into every professional engagement, offering you a comprehensive approach to land and resource management.

Forestry and Wildlife is located on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Virginia.

We offer in-person services across Virginia (VA), Maryland (MD), and Delaware (DE).

Remote consulting and expert testimony are available nationwide.

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